Living with a child on the Autism Spectrum Disorder can be fun, frustrating and at times quite embarrassing.  I have been journaling her comments for quite some time.  My hope is to help others gain insight and understanding in dealing with a child on the Spectrum.

Dukan along in the Dukan diet

Today is day 9. I have been on the attack phase for 9 days. I have abstained from alcohol and I have been very strict in regard to the rules.  I have been craving veggies so, I am moving onto the next phase.  I was emailing Sandi with some questions and realized part of what I was telling her should be in my blog.

Breakfast was a gelette and a cup of coffee.

Lunch I had cracked pepper turkey, two eggs, cherry yogurt and a pickle.

Dinner we had pork loin with tofu noodles sautéed in balsamic vinagerette and garlic. I threw in a bunch of fresh zucchini and ashallot.

Dessert was a disaster. I made some ice cream/sorbet you had to put in an ice cream maker. The recipe was large so I cut it down.  Well, it tasted like ass.  It called for the zest and juice of one lemon, yogurt, no sweetener (I added a bunch of Splenda just because), mix it all up and put it in the ice cream maker.  Okay, seems easy enough. Well, the zest was overwhelming and I am convinced there is no chance of me getting scurvy anytime soon. It was so bad even my husband would not eat it. I cannot give you any reason for my eating it other than I was not going to let it get the best of me.  I ate my serving, puckering the whole way.

I feel great, have more energy and I am happy to be shedding unwanted pounds.  Thank you, Sandi.


Dukan Day #7

Doing well for me.

Breakfast of gelette and egg and ricotta omelette.  Coffee and crystal light to drink

Lunch: some slices of turkey with cracked pepper.  More crystal light to drink.

Dinner:Polk loin with garlic and onion. I made a sauce out of the juice and added ricotta cheese for dipping. It was very tasty.

Dessert: I have attempted to make Dukan muffins. We shall see. I was confused about the eggs. Are you supposed to add the egg yolks? I did, but if anyone knows what to do please let me know.

I did not weigh today because I did not get out of my PJ’s until late in the day. Tomorrow should be a big surprise.

Dukan day # 6

I started my day with a .6 # loss.

Breakfast a gelette. Mid morning a yogurt and a water. Lunch a pickle and some turkey slices. Dinner was thyme chicken with yogurt sauce and some tofu noodles. Ed put hot sauce on it and thought it was wonderful.

Very tired today. Took a three hour map. I normally do not have time for naps, but I made an exception today,

Total weight loss 11.8 pounds. Now I am at 309.2 according to my calculations.

I really won’t to know where vodka fits in? If someone could let me in on that big secret it would be so much appreciated.

I can Dukan. Day # 5

I have lost a total of 11.2 #.  Life is good!

Tonigt for dinner we had curried shrimp (which I have to very careful eating ) and calamari with tofu noodles. It was excellent.  I am enjoying my yogurt with oat bran everyday, but what I enjoy most is seeing the results on the scale.  It is a great feeling.  Maybe soon I can wear my flannel lined jeans from LLBean!

I am going to San Diego in March and I am trying to look good for when I meet classmate, Michael Presnel, for dinner. I am very excited.

I am drained this week from work and shoulder pain. It is my goal to regroup over the weekend. I am looking to fill my cup of patience and empathy before Monday. Any suggestions, feel free to post comments.

My husband is inquiring about the pajama party. He wants to know who is going to be there,  what we do at a PJ party, then he said “when is this said orgy”?  Gotta love men.


Dukan Day#4

Weighed in today.  I lost an additional 1.7# bringing my total weight loss to 9.6#.  I weigh a hefty 311.4#.  Maybe, if all goes well, by February I will be under 300#.

Had a slight argument over the school dress code with Hailey the other evening.  I was insisting she wear pants because it was so cold out.  She brought out some black stretchy pants and I told her that was not the dress code.  She informed me that it was okay because  Sami wears these pants.  It was all I could do not to fire off a letter to the principal about following the dress code.  It states blue or khaki, not black.  How do you get an Aspergers kid off the idea that we (our family) are going to follow the rules regardless of what others do.  Well, we moved past that and now she is “not going to wear pants, she is going to wear a skirt”  I tried to tell her it was too cold and that if we let her do that someone would call CPS.  She then says…..”they can’t call CPS because you have already adopted me”.  I need to write a book

You can, I can, We can, Dukan together!

Okay, this is my first actual blog.  My friend Sandi is holding my hand and helping me to publish my post.  I am going to pick a random weight that is actually a joke in our family.  When ever the girls asked me “how much do you weigh?”  I always answered 321#.  So, guess what people……That is my starting weight. Today is day 1 of the Dukan diet and I have just weighed in at a mere 321#.